The Evolution Of the Holster II.

Posted: 19 May, 2023 / Author: 1791 Gunleather

Part two of our continued history series. For part one, click HERE. “A Historic Utilitarian Design Helps Promote Everyday Carry But Laws And Changing Times In The Past Ultimately Lead To A Need For Concealment” General use, “open top” belt holsters as we know them, really started to appear in the latter third of the […]

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The Evolution of The Holster

Posted: 21 April, 2023 / Author: 1791 Gunleather

Eons ago, before firearms became common, probably the most “common” fighting tool (after the development of a club of some sort or a pointed spear made of wood) was the “edged” weapon; often a “sword” of some sort, style or length.

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Best Holsters For Ruger SR40

Posted: 11 January, 2023 / Author: Andy H

There are guns, such as the Glock 45, and then there are badass full-sized pistols, such as the Ruger SR40. For proper concealment of the SR40, you will need a snug-fitting holster to complement all its attributes. But how do you choose one?

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Budget-Friendly Holsters For Canik Tristar T-100

Posted: 3 January, 2023 / Author: Andy H

Looking for budget-friendly holsters for your Canik Tristar T-100? Well, for folks on a budget, we’ve got you covered. We understand a lot is going on in your world that needs your attention and, more importantly, your money. Thus getting a holster for your firearm shouldn’t add to the list of endless unsatisfied desires.

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Budget-Friendly Holsters For The CZ P09 Pistol

Posted: 3 January, 2023 / Author: Andy H

For a pistol, a holster to carry is a must-have. However, choosing a holster for your firearm can be complicated because there are still several varieties to choose from even after narrowing it down to budget-friendly options. This is a more complex situation, especially when searching for a holster for a gun such as the CZ P-09.

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Best Holsters For Ruger SP 101

Posted: 27 December, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Rewind the hands of time. Back then, holsters for firearms depended on a few factors. The most obvious is that the holster was meant to hold your weapon anytime you aren’t using it. However, in recent times, gun owners have demanded more features and benefits from their holsters. It’s more than just a matter of whether the holster is usable.

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Leather Holster Guide For Bersa Thunder .380

Posted: 14 December, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Often, individuals search for holsters made of good quality and also highly durable. Yes! What is the essence of buying a holster made with low-quality materials when you can get a high-quality leather holster at an affordable price? In this article, you will receive a guide on the top 3 types of Bersa Thunder 380 […]

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Best Holsters For Glock 43x

Posted: 6 December, 2022 / Author: Andy H

We understand how tiring it can be, surfing the internet or going from store to store for hours and not getting what you need. That feeling can be heartbreaking, especially when searching for a holster for a perfect playboy pistol like the Glock 43x.

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Paddle Holsters For Your Kimber Micro 9 – Uses And Importance

Posted: 5 December, 2022 / Author: Andy H

The optic-ready paddle holster compact best suits small firearms with a barrel size range of 2.5 – 3.0 inches. In addition, it usually includes an added optic cut best suited for most pistol optics. This inclusion allows for better viewing, plus paddles ensure it’s portable, adjustable, and shoving on and off the gun as quickly as possible while maintaining proper retention. 

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Best Holsters For your Glock 45

Posted: 20 November, 2022 / Author: Andy H

When you own a Glock 45, having the best holster for your Glock 45 is no luxury. Holsters are important once you have a Glock. It will also impact your experience as a gun owner. And perhaps if you have survived carrying your gun in a heavy holster that makes you look like a gladiator, this is the time to upgrade.

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