How To Choose The Perfect OWB Holster For Your Kimber Micro 9

Posted: 28 October, 2022 / Author: Andy H

So far, the Micro 9 has received very positive reviews. Relative to the Kimber pistol, the Kimber Solo has a reputation for being very picky about ammunition, but the Micro 9 seems to choke on the 9mm ammo pretty well.

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REVIEW: Kimber Micro 9mm with 1791 Gunleather Holsters

Posted: 28 October, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Is there a relationship between external attractiveness and internal goodness and quality? Well, it is very much a personal preference thing for beauty. And as Sir Thomas Overbury says in his 1613 poem, “Is beauty really only skin deep?” So, several want to consider external appearance when buying a concealed carry (CC) gun, as well […]

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Ruger LC9S Holsters

Posted: 21 October, 2022 / Author: Andy H

he Ruger LC9S is one of the most popular options for everyday carry, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to conceal, and can often be found for under $300. As a popular concealed-carry gun, the Ruger LC9s has a variety of holster options, both inside-the-waistband and outside. Here are five of the best holsters for the Ruger LC9s.

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Best Holsters For Pistols WIth Red Dot Sights (Optics)

Posted: 5 October, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Do you have a red dot sight pistol? Then you must have a red dot holster. But don’t settle for a generic holster; instead, treat yourself to a truly unique holster. Because our list only includes holsters manufactured to fit your handgun, all these holsters for pistols with optics provide an excellent fit and high retention.

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Top 5 Benefits of Leather Holsters

Posted: 15 September, 2022 / Author: Naomi Moss

When it comes to concealed carry, there are many factors to consider. Where and how you’ll be carrying, what kind of clothing you wear, and of course, the type of gun you’ll be carrying are all important details. It’s also important to think about the quality of materials used in your equipment. The best craftsmen […]

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New Optic-Ready 4-Way Holster Size 6

Posted: 27 June, 2022 / Author: Andy H

The 4-Way Concealment & Belt Leather Holster by 1791 Gunleather is the ideal balance of protection and comfort, allowing four possible carry positions: Vertical, Horizontal, Cross-Draw, or Inside-The-Waistband. VIDEO: Introducing the New 4-Way Leather Holster Size 6 No other holster provides the same high-quality craftsmanship in an extremely versatile design. The 4WH provides maximum flexibility […]

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Best New Optic-Ready Carry Gun: Taurus G4X T.O.R.O.

Posted: 20 May, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Ahh, the Taurus G4X. What’s not to love? After owning, carrying, and shooting the G4x for a few weeks, I must say: it’s just about everything I love in a handgun. The size, shape, contours – everything designed from the ground up to be one of the best concealed carry guns for the value on […]

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Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster

Posted: 11 May, 2022 / Author: Andy H

The Softest and Most Comfortable Holster You’ll Ever Carry Let’s face it – we all have a box of holsters in our closet that we’ll never – ever – concealed carry with. Some are too bulky. Some are too heavy. Some are just plain ugly. 1791 Gunleather wants you to be as proud of your […]

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Introducing the New Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holster (UCLB)

Posted: 6 May, 2022 / Author: Andy H

“Imagine Kydex Meeting Leather” The 1791 Ultra Custom Holster’s Memory-Lok technology allows for a customized fit with Kydex-like retention with the comfort of leather. We have just launched the perfect solution for your firearm with a light, laser, or other accessories. WATCH: How the Ultra Custom Light Bearing Holster Works Our patent-pending process allows you […]

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Top 3 Holsters for the Smith and Wesson CSX

Posted: 29 April, 2022 / Author: Robert Bastida

Smith and Wesson has just released their newest concealed carry pistol the CSX 9mm. With an external thumb safety, the single-action CSX is quickly becoming one of the most popular carry guns of 2022. Finding a holster for the CSX has not been easy because of how new the pistol is to the market. We’ve […]

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