1791 Gunleather Introduces New Fits for SNAGMAG & New Springfield Hellcat Pro Kydex Holster

Posted: 1 October, 2023 / Author: Dulce Saavedra

We are pleased to announce an exciting expansion to our product lineup. 1791 GUNLEATHER introduces new fits for its innovative SNAGMAG™, a revolutionary solution that addresses the ever-persistent challenge of carrying additional ammunition in a discreet and convenient manner. And a new Kydex holster designed specifically for the popular Springfield Hellcat Pro handgun.  Explore The […]

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What Are The Other Must-Haves When Owning a Gun

Posted: 26 September, 2023 / Author: Dulce Saavedra

Owning a firearm comes with a great deal of responsibility. Beyond purchasing a gun and obtaining the necessary permits, several other must-haves must be considered.  One of these must-haves is a gun safe to store your firearm securely.  These essential items ensure the safe and responsible use of firearms and contribute to the overall security […]

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5 Emergency Preparedness Tips

Posted: 7 September, 2023 / Author: Dulce Saavedra

It seems like we hear about natural disasters and other emergencies every day. From widespread power outages, civil unrest, or just an accident at home, these events disrupt our daily life and can be difficult if you are not prepared for them. Below we will review 5 basic tips to help you start preparing so […]

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The Evolution Of the Holster II.

Posted: 19 May, 2023 / Author: 1791 Gunleather

Part two of our continued history series. For part one, click HERE. “A Historic Utilitarian Design Helps Promote Everyday Carry But Laws And Changing Times In The Past Ultimately Lead To A Need For Concealment” General use, “open top” belt holsters as we know them, really started to appear in the latter third of the […]

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The Evolution of The Holster

Posted: 21 April, 2023 / Author: 1791 Gunleather

Eons ago, before firearms became common, probably the most “common” fighting tool (after the development of a club of some sort or a pointed spear made of wood) was the “edged” weapon; often a “sword” of some sort, style or length.

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Leather Holster Guide For Bersa Thunder .380

Posted: 14 December, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Often, individuals search for holsters made of good quality and also highly durable. Yes! What is the essence of buying a holster made with low-quality materials when you can get a high-quality leather holster at an affordable price? In this article, you will receive a guide on the top 3 types of Bersa Thunder 380 […]

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Leather Holster Guide For Your Glock 45

Posted: 28 November, 2022 / Author: Andy H

I will be talking about the “leather holster guide for your Glock 45,”  but before that, I would like to talk briefly about the Glock 45 itself. Let’s understand what the Glock 45 is.  The Glock 45 is a polymer-framed, short-recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistol designed and produced by the Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.HH. since 1982. […]

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Veteran’s Day Celebration

Posted: 11 November, 2022 / Author: razor632003

This promotion has ended.

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Leather Holster Guide For Your Kimber Micro 9

Posted: 7 November, 2022 / Author: Andy H

Everyone wants to buy products that are tailored to the needs of their guns. It’s like a product that comes with a set of items. You may not like every item, but you will be happy when your needs are met. For most items, the quality or brand value is the most important factor and […]

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