Bersa Thunder .380 Overview

Bersa Thunder 380

The Bersa Thunder 380 is a legendary gun modeled very closely to James Bond’s Walther PPK.

The standard Thunder 380 comes with:

  • A trigger lock
  • A key to lock the entire firearm down
  • A single-stack seven-round magazine
  • A user manual

It feels great in hand due to the grips being wider than a standard single-stack .380, and the grips are interchangeable.

The Bersa Thunder 380’s Integral Locking System

The Bersa has a lock on it that allows you to lock down the entire system so that it can’t be used if it gets stolen. You can be safe with children at home, go on vacation, or leave the house worry-free.

Other features include an extended slide stop, making it easier to push the slide forward or lock it back. It’s pretty simple to move the slide around.

The magazine release is tucked out of the way, which allows you to operate the firearm without accidentally pressing the release and dropping the magazine while shooting.

All in all, for the budget of the Thunder 380, the Thunder .380 makes an excellent carry gun.

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