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This 1911 Belt Holster, conveniently referred to as the BH1, is a marriage made in heaven for your 1911. Best fitted for 1911’s without rails it is an attractive 1911 belt holster that fits like a glove and offers excellent retention with barrel lengths over 4.25 inches.

Note: 5 Inch barrels will fit flush.

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This 1911 Belt Holster, conveniently referred to as the BH1, is a marriage made in heaven for your 1911. Best fitted for 1911’s without rails it is an attractive holster that fits like a glove and offers excellent retention with barrel lengths from 4 inches to longer. Additionally, the sweat guard will protect your gun from tarnishing and will act as a comfortable barrier between you and your hammer preventing any gouging into your side. The BH1 comes in a variety of colors to match your gun and attire. It will fit of your 1911 firearm perfectly and when wearing this OWB belt holster you will find it holds your gun tight to your body offering reliable and comfortable carrying all day long.

1791 Gunleather products are distinguished in the following ways:

  • Handcrafted using premium 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide leather.
  • Includes a strong, American steel clip that’s beveled for complete comfort and the safest retention.
  • Open top design for quick draw with your preferred carry-style in mind.
  • Multi-fit design that’s handcrafted to accommodate a wide range of firearms.
  • Reinforced stitching ensuring quality, security, and a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Lifetime warranty commitment to our customers with each product.

Specs & Additional Information
Height (inches): 8″
Length (inches): 6.5″
Weight: 0.63 lbs

We Want You to Know

Our love and appreciation of the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with our passion for the art of gunleather and its representation of the original patriots of this great nation. Housing and protecting your coveted firearms with carefully handcrafted holsters is akin to protecting our loved ones and our cherished freedoms.


Additional information

Firearms Brands and Models

1911 5", Browning HP, Colt Delta Elite (Rail), Keltec PMR30, Kimber 1911 5", Kimber Pro TLE/RL II, Remington R1, Rock Island 1911 5", Ruger SR1911, Sig Sauer 1911 5" W/Rail, Sig Sauer STX


Classic Vintage, Black, Brown on Black, Classic Brown, Signature Brown, Stealth Black, Vintage

Handend Variations

Left, Right

13 reviews for BH1 – 1911 Belt Holster

  1. John

    Great holster. I bought the brown on black for 5” Ruger 1911. Fit great. Snug but easy to get in and out.

    It is so beautiful they should have more pictures of it on this site.

    Well built.

  2. Eric J. Morrison (verified owner)

    Very impressed. Purchased the Signature Brown for a Sig Tac Ops w/rail, perfect fit and the angle is right on. Quality holster worth every penny. Looking forward to other fitment options in other styles. Keep it up guys.

  3. ken.n.beaulieu (verified owner)

    Initial Impression with 1791 GUNLEATHER: I wrote a question that came to mind after ordering a holster and magazine carrier for a new Dan Wesson PM-C in .45ACP. The very next morning a very pleasant and knowledgeable representative contacted me by telephone and apparently had done her homework in looking up my pistol’s specifications. She reassured me that I had indeed purchased the correct holster for my 1911 Commander sized pistol (no rail). It was the epitome of superb customer service!

    Initial Impressions of the BH1 OWB Belt Holster and Single Stack Magazine OWB Belt Carrier: Arrived in the mail well packaged with some nice swag thrown in for good measure. A couple of nice leather 1791 key chains and a 1791 window decal. The craftsmanship is on a level that is unparalleled unless one is willing to spend $100s more. I have one such holster and am in awe that 1791 matched that level of quality. The stitching and edges are superb and this holster is tight! To stretch the leather for a smooth draw without sacrificing retention, I placed my 45 and a magazine in plastic, quart-sized Ziploc bags and plan to leave both in their respective holsters to complete the “mating” of this superb leather. I have been walking around the house for hours with the holstered pistol and with a good gun belt, the pistol hugs the body and the foward cant allows this all steel firearm to be carried very comfortably at 3:00 while disappearing under a sportscoat or large button down shirt. I’m 6 ft and 176 pounds with no gut, so the polo shirts do not work well for me in OWB concealment.

    If anyone is on the fence about this company’s artful craftsmanship, take the leap! This is a very well-made product and I am thoroughly impressed thus far.

    Ken B – West Point, Utah

  4. Ken Beaulieu (verified owner)

    Having worn my 1791 GunLeather BH1 OWB Belt Holster and Single Stack Magazine OWB Belt Carrier for about four months, I thought I would share an update on what I’ve learned and experienced thus far. First, this remains a very solid set up and as before, the holster has a great forward cant and really pulls the firearm in close to the body. Break-in has been exactly as I expected. This is not a mass production rig and as such, required a lot more draw strokes and wear to allow the pistol to be well retained as the holster and the pistol are getting acquainted. Draw strokes at first were very difficult and lifted even a tightened belt up from its normal riding position around my waist. In truth, we’re still not quite there. However, it’s important to note that for almost 60 days cumulatively, the pistol was with a Dan Wesson Pistol-smith working out some issues with front sight stability and retention. That problem has been masterfully corrected by Dan Wesson and the 1791 holster I chose for my semi-custom 45 ACP is by all accounts meeting my EDC needs with stability, trusted retention, concealment and most importantly comfortably! A few hundred more draw strokes and I’m reasonably certain, the BH1 and my Dan Wesson Point Man – Carry will have years of good use together.

    Ken B. West Point, Utah

  5. DA Schmidt

    I bought one Pancake Holster and was so impressed that I bought another and I plan on buying one more.

    The molding and boning is very good, excellent actually for such thick leather. I use Wax Paper to break in my holsters since, IMO in works better than Plastic Wrap or Freezer Bags. Wax Paper leaves a light coat of wax on the inside to add to its excellent fit and draw. Buy one and find out what I found out; it is best Working Holster on the market today. IMO, there is none better.

    This is a Working Mans Holster, yet I’d be proud to open carry this holster with my Remington Enhanced R1 to the fanciest of BBQs I can not recommend 1791 Holsters enough.

  6. Mike M. (verified owner)

    I bought the BH1 holster for my Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911 .45 with 5″ barrel. The craftmanship is off the charts. It arrive with a perfectly snug fit. I would and do recommend this holster and company to anyone. There customer service is amazing. Awesome product.

  7. MIke S (verified owner)

    I’ve had my BH1 for my 1911 for about a year now…..VERY comfortable.
    The signature brown is beautiful. Holster was a tad tight at first but now is perfect.
    Holds close to my side. All I need is a loose button shirt to cover it and no one is the wiser.

  8. Hammer (verified owner)

    I chose the 1911 5″ rail version for my Sig 1911 Tacops and the fit was perfect after a little breaking in. Would definitely buy again.

  9. Ken B – West Point, Utah (verified owner)

    A little over a year has passed since I purchased my 1791 BH1 1911 Belt Holster. It has exceeded every expectation for daily carry of a heavy 1911 (36.7 oz. empty and 41.4 oz. with a full magazine and one in the chamber). With a high-quality gun belt, the holster still pulls the pistol into my side reliably and without fail. And at this point, the 1911 and its holster are supremely “married” to one another. The fit is perfect, drawing is easy while retention remains exceptional. Simply put, I will not go anywhere else for my next holster. My current belt is getting old and it’s time for a replacement. 1791 GUNLEATHER, I just bought your belt today. Thanks for a genuinely great line of products. When I’ve had an opportunity to wear the belt for a while, I’ll be leaving another review to describe my experience with it. Thank you!

    P.S. I have absolutely no affiliation with this company. What I do have is absolute loyalty to a company that has proven they make a great product without gouging my wallet.

  10. Richard Belle

    Very well made and fits my Kimber Pro Raptor very well after breaking in. The only thing that could be better is an option to get the holster for 4 inch barrel 1911s. The holster is longer than my pistol but I am still happy with it. If I get a 5 inch 1911 I’ll be able to use the same holster.

  11. JAMES (verified owner)

    It seemed like I searched the world over for a leather holster. I read reviews, searched forums, visited websites. In a forum someone said, 1791. I looked them up and they looked great and the price was right so I got the BH1 for my 1911. I am so glad I did. I wear this holster every day, all day. Super comfortable, won’t collapse and I do believe it will last a lifetime. I will buy more holsters and other 1791 products for my pistols. If you are looking for a great holster get a 1791.

  12. Robert Hinchee (verified owner)

    I just bought one of these and I can honestly say that it’s a very fine piece of leather. The higher prices places to shop don’t give you near the holster that these folks do. I’ll b shopping with the folks again

  13. Dan Looper (verified owner)

    I Love the Holster and Mag holder I received , Great Product and Great folks to do business with ! My Opinion is that , just my opinion but as with most encounters in our day to day we tend to stick with the Companies that give good service and the things we buy are on par with the price , BUT there are times in life when we happen onto a “Value unbelievable” , and this is One . Thank you 1791 and You Rebecca , WOW just WOW !

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