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The 1791 Gunleather RVHX2 K/L-Frame Thumbreak Revolver Belt Holster, hand-crafted from our premium 100% Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide leather, is thoughtfully designed to support K-Frame sized revolvers with barrels up to 6 inches in length. Show your Revolver some love with quality leather that offers excellent retention for comfortable and reliable all-day carrying. This OWB revolver belt holster is a perfect match for S&W 686, Ruger GP100, and many other K-Frame size revolvers. Plus, with the many colors choices we offer the RVH2, you can find the best compliment for your revolver and best fit for your personal style. Fits 3″ to 4″ Barrels.


RVHX-2 K-Frame Revolver Holster Specs & Additional Information

We offer a standard-sized holster with custom options for hand dominance and color preference:

Height (inches): 9″
Length (inches): 4.5″

Hand End: Right

Color Options: Classic Brown, Signature Brown, Stealth Black

Buying a Holster for a K-Frame Revolver

The first K-frame revolver was developed by Smith & Wesson in 1899. The “Military & Police” was a medium-sized revolver — slightly larger than the J-frame, but smaller than the L-frame. Its convenient size made it a decent service sidearm for people who frequently carry a revolver. Semi-automatics and J-frame wheel guns are popular today, but the reliable S&W Model 10 is still the top-selling revolver in history and a favorite among law enforcement personnel.

An excellent K-frame holsters should be:

  • Secure – The reason you’re buying a holster is to securely retain your weapon when not in use. hand-molded revolver holsters snugly retain your weapon using heavy duty, double-reinforced-stitched leather and strong American steel clips beveled for comfort and safe retention.
  • Comfortable – Some people may wear snub-nose revolvers in a pocket holster or IWB for a concealed carry, but the most popular type of holster for the longer barrel k-frames is the OWB belt holster we offer. It’s by far the most comfortable way to carry all day, either on your weak side or your strong side hip, depending on which type of draw you prefer.
  • Durable – We only use leather from the highest quality American sources. Our heavy native steerhide is designed to last for generations. We stand by our craftsmanship with a Lifetime Warranty. Additionally, we care about protecting the bluing of your revolver with a close-bottom design and soft interior resistant to tarnishing or scratching.

Depending on your planned usage, you may also care about buying a K-frame holster that offers:

  • Accessibility — The RVH2 leaves the trigger easily accessible to you at all times, with NO added retention devices like thumb-breaks or trigger guard hoods. This is particularly important when using your weapon for personal protection or for frequent use on the range.

Purchase the RVHX-2 K/L-Frame Revolver Holster from 1791 Gunleather

While there are many different brands offering k-frame revolver holsters, 1791 Gunleather products are among the very best. You can get a cheap piece of black nylon to hold your prized firearm, but why not treat yourself to a great-looking, great-smelling, comfortable leather holster that for proud upholding of Second Amendment rights? All our products are made from the highest quality American materials by fourth-generation leather artisans, with attention to detail without going overboard on frivolous embellishments. The convenient multi-fit design is able to accommodate a wide range of k-frame firearms, no matter the barrel size or manufacturer. We are happy to address any specific questions you have about our leather holsters before you buy.


Additional information

Firearms Brands and Models

Revolvers K-Frame, Revolvers L-Frame, Ruger GP100, Ruger Speed Six, Smith & Wesson 686, Smith & Wesson Model 19


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Handend Variations


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Herb A.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? S&W .357 Magnum Model 65 4" Barrel

Sweet Piece of Leather

Absolutely Top Quality Leather Holster.

Charles P.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum 7 Shot Revolver

Great quality! Blocking matters!

This is my 2nd 1791 holster. When it arrived, it looked fantastic, but there was no way my revolver was going to fit. But I decided to follow 1791's instructions for "blocking" the holster, even though I was fairly certain that a couple sandwich bags, and a few minutes would have not magically cause my revolver to find a perfect fit. Well, after shoved and wiggled the bagged gun into the holster, and left it overnight, magic indeed happened. Great fit, good retention, happy camper!

George W.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? S&W 686-6 357 magnum 7 shot.

Fits like a glove.

Using it for my S&W 686-6 357 magnum, great holster sits well on my belt and the pistol is easy to access and at the same time secure, it also looks good which is a side benefit.

Richard L.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? Smith and Wesson Model 66, 4”, with Crimsons Trace Laser.

What a Brown Beauty!

I have been looking for a K frame, 4”, covered barrel holster to protect my .357 Smith and Wesson. I had a an flimsy exposed muzzle holster which was open to damaging and scratching the barrel. I looked for sometime until I found 1791. It looked great on line, but the price was more that I wanted to pay. I continued looking and finally made you my mind to bite the bullet and order it. BOY AM I Glad! The quality of the leather, the beauty of the finish, the stitching, the fit of the revolver, the thumb break is excellent and well designed. I am a former LEO and I have boxes of holsters used in my past. This is by far the best leather quality holster that I have. I live in a free 2A state with Grizzles, mountain lions and wolves as a possibility and carry every day. I of course load 180 grain hard cast bullets for the back country and for other times the 140 Barnes copper bullets or Speer Hot Core and several speed loaders. I have a CT laser to help my aging eyes. I wear it at 4 O’clock for CCW and trail use. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. If this holster works for you like it does for me then get off the dime and order it today.

Ivan L.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? S&w 686


Great holster!, Top quality