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Best Holsters For your Glock 45

When you own a Glock 45, having the best holster for your Glock 45 is no luxury. Holsters are important once you have a Glock. It will also impact your experience as a gun owner. And perhaps if you have survived carrying your gun in a heavy holster that makes you look like a gladiator, this is the time to upgrade.

Think about it, in times when all things are getting techy, you should flow with the times. Currently, times have changed, and you need to be stylishly rugged if you have to be. What you need is an absolute solution holster, and this type of holster ranges from what suits your activities to your dressing style. 

Now, if you are introduced to the best holsters for your Glock 45, you can maximize this offer and secure this icing on your Glock 45 cake before you need it. And, even when you are so used to the fire brigade approach, these options should be at your fingertip when you need them most.

Ultra Custom Belt Holster 2.4S

The Ultra Custom is designed with a high sweat guard that provides a layer of protection between you and your Glock 45. The Ultra Custom Belt Holster 2.4 is a comfortable leather belt with Memory-LokTM technology which allows you to have a customized fit.

 Quick Description

  • Works well with a variety of pistols, especially Glock 45
  • Handmade from top-notch American Leather.
  • Open surface design for a fast draw with your best.
  • Carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of handguns.
  • The reinforced stitching ensures durability, security, and comfort. This is good for your Glock 45.

Check the pricing detail of Ultra Custom Belt Holster 2.4S here.

Kydex IWB Glock 19

Acquiring a KYDEX IWB Glock 19 perfectly helps to hold your firearms in the belts. This way, you can protect yourself without terrifying others. This holster is slim and has no sharp corners, hence your comfort is pivotal.

 Quick Description

  • The holster is hand-crafted from the sturdy 0.8″ KYDEX. It is water-resistant and very rugged; hence it can withstand impact and wearing off, and it’s abrasion free. If you are a classic shooter, you can depend on this.
  • Its portability is a Big YES for your confidence and preciseness at any time.
  • This type of belt clip withstands the tension of the belt without the main body of the holster being pressed so that the holster maintains its original shape and optimum facets. 
  • Another beauty of this belt is that you can adjust the suspension angle (0-20 degrees) and height to enable you to pull the gun faster. 

Check the pricing detail of Kydex IWB Glock 19 here.


The Universal Inside the Waist (UIW MAX) holster is an excellent option for multiple barrel lengths. It was designed with the expectation that it will be able to withhold multiple accessories mounted to your firearm, so far it is the most adaptable holster available today. With your UIW, your light and rail can be mounted on it without fear. Once you sight this holster, you will be wowed by its capacity to carry several firearms that will fit into this bigger universal holster.

You can decide to open-carry the UIW MAX on the belt or hide it inside the waistband – both ways are fine. This oversized UIW allowance profile allows you more liberty to move and the versatility of changing your pistol when required. Your day is set to have several firearms hanging on one holster. I bet you will save your time and energy and focus more on your training.

Handcrafted and proudly American, it is crafted from premium leather and is very comfortable. If you get this holster, it’s a sign of self-love, owners claim that they would buy it again and again because of its nice leather plus its aesthetic features.

Check the pricing detail of the UIW MAX(Universal IWB & OWB) carry holster here.

Smooth Concealment Holster Size 5

This Smooth Concealment Holster can be referred to as the SCH, carries one of the most breathable available leather on the market.

The Smooth Concealment Holster delivers perfect concealment and elegant soft leather that is lined with a velvety touch to provide ultimate comfort for your skin and ultimate concealment for your firearm. Regardless of your body type, the SCH holster will allow as many firearms as your day requires.

Quick Description

  • Handmade with premium 100% American breathable Cow-Hide leather.
  • Made from a strong steel clip beveled for safety and comfort.
  • Open the top for easy access when you need to draw out your gun.
  • Multi-fit design crafted to accommodate a wide range of firearms.

Check the pricing detail of the Smooth Concealment Holster Size 5 here.


These are just four of the countless options made available to you. Think about the convenience, concealment, comfort, security, and quick access you stand to gain when you use the Ultra Custom Belt Holster 2.4s, Kydex IWB Glock 19, UIW MAX (Universal IWB & OWB), and The Smooth Concealment Holster. Talk with your friends and find out what they like too. Feel free to maximize the information and get going with your favorite from the list.

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