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Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster

The Softest and Most Comfortable Holster You’ll Ever Carry

Let’s face it – we all have a box of holsters in our closet that we’ll never – ever – concealed carry with.

Some are too bulky. Some are too heavy. Some are just plain ugly.

1791 Gunleather wants you to be as proud of your gun holsters as you are of your 2nd Amendment rights.

That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to produce soft, lightweight, and comfortable deer hide holsters.

You owe it to yourself to carry the most comfortable holster on the market.

What Does Fair Chase Mean?

Our Fair Chase Deer Hide holsters are made only from deer hunted fairly in North America, and we have a strict requirement that all deer must be taken with a single shot from a bow or a single rifle round.

No exceptions.

That’s the fair chase experience.

1791 Gunleather is One of the Only Manufacturers to Make Deer Hide Holsters

There are extremely difficult regulations, rules, and requirements for us to be able to manufacture holsters using deer hide.

But after we felt the prototype for the first time, we knew we had to push through.

We owe it to you – our customer – to provide you with the most innovative and best possible holster – because we know your life may depend on it.

So Here’s the Offer

Grab one of the Fair Chase Deer Hide holsters for your firearm using the button below.

At checkout, use coupon code FAIRCHASE15 for 15% off of the holster. (Must use within 24 hours!)

Try it out in your firearm for a few days.

If this isn’t the softest, most comfortable holster for your gun – just use the contact form on our website and we’ll send you a shipping label (at our expense!) to send it back for a full refund.

You have nothing to lose.

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