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How To Choose The Perfect OWB Holster For Your Kimber Micro 9

In 2013, Kimber Manufacturing introduced the Kimber Micro 380 which was an immediate hit. However, within a month of its release, Kimber fans demanded a 9mm version of the Micro 380. In 2016, Kimber responded to the request by introducing the Kimber Micro 9.

The Kimber Micro 9mm has the same controls as the Micro 380, but is slightly larger than the 380. Similar to the same path that Kimber took when introducing the Micro 380, Kimber also introduced the following variants of the Micro 9:

  • Micro 9 Two-Tone
  • Micro 9 CDP
  • Micro 9 Raptor
  • Micro 9 Crimson Carry

So far, the Micro 9 has received very positive reviews. Relative to the Kimber pistol, the Kimber Solo has a reputation for being very picky about ammunition, but the Micro 9 seems to choke on the 9mm ammo pretty well.

Most 9mm pocket pistols have a good reputation for CCW and reviews so far seem to indicate that the Micro 9 is photogenic and performs well for its small size.

The question of the “best” holster is almost impossible to answer because the answers are opinion based. And that’s probably not the question you should be asking. The question I have to ask is “What is the best holster for my needs?”.

Since the Micro 9 is so popular for concealed carry, most buyers are looking for a CCW holster or appendix holster. For this reason, the OWB holster for the Micro 9 is a popular holster model that we provide. However, depending on your needs, all of the holster models shown below are excellent choices for the Kimber Micro 9. All holster models shown below are available in right and left-handed versions.

Features Of Our Concealed Carry Holsters

  1. Safe

We not only strengthened the openings to ensure the skin didn’t bend when the weapon was being inserted, but we also used thick leather and designed the retaining clips to cover most exposed areas inside the handguard and trigger covers. These holsters and retaining clips are anchored by six separate points and have passed several tests.

  1. Concealed

Our ultra-slim profile keeps your gun close to your body without bulky signs.

  1. Accommodating

Fits standard belts or heavy-duty gun belts up to 1.75 inches wide!

  1. Guaranteed

Use it every day. These holsters have a lifetime warranty backed by our Terms Of Sale.

  1. Comfort

Our adaptable leather skin holsters immediately feel comfortable and begin to adjust to your body. We’ve also equipped this OWB with an extended sweat guard to absorb any pressure from the back of the slide or firing pin and keep it away from your skin when sitting or moving. After a few days of this holster on your body, you will find that this OWB is even more comfortable!

Recommended OWB Holsters For Your Kimber Micro 9 

SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 0

Cozyly named SCH, this sleek holster is the most comfortable, softest, and most breathable cowhide holster on the market. Our SCH offers full coverage and plush soft leather covered in suede to provide maximum comfort to your skin and maximum concealment of your firearm. The SCH is a concealable soft leather holster that often surprises firearms enthusiasts with how comfortable it is to wear. Regardless of your body type, the SCH holster accommodates multiple firearms and allows you to carry your Kimber Micro 9 throughout the day with complete comfort and concealment. You will feel comfortable wearing it all day long. Check the pricing detail here.

Combo Open Top Multi-Fit Belt Holster C and Mag 1

The Combo Open Top Multi-Fit Belt Holster is a pancake-style holster that securely holds your guns and ammunition by harnessing the natural tension between the double-stitched leather and the week-long wet molding process. The premium heavy leather we use is of the highest quality and made by fourth-generation leather craftsmen to last. The open design and wide curved belt loop optimized for 1.5″ belts allow for a closer ride and a more comfortable fit.

1791 GunLeather designed the Combo Open Top Multi-Fit Belt Holster C and Mag 1 for use at work or in the field with added portability and all-day comfort. It was designed for use with double-stack pens. Check pricing detail here.

3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Concealment Holster Size 2

The perfect balance of protection and comfort, the 1791 GunLeather 3-Way Belt and Concealment Holster allow for three possible carrying positions: vertical, horizontal, or cross-distance. No other holster offers the same high-quality craftsmanship in such a flexible design. The 3-Way offers maximum flexibility and a carry position is available in a durable leather belt holster. Check pricing detail here

BHC– Open Top Belt Holster for Small and Micro-Frame Firearms

Handcrafted from our local, intact, and durable cowhide leather, this compact open-top belt holster, named BHC, is carefully designed to accommodate the Glock 43, Bersa Thunder 380, and other similar-sized pistols.

The Compact Belt Holster offers excellent support for comfortable and reliable carrying all day long. This OWB belt holster holds the Kimber Micro 9 you want and is the perfect combination for a dependable weapon. Plus, with the wide range of colors, we offer for the Belt Holster Compact, you can find the best style for your pistol and the best fit for your style. Check pricing detail here.

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