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Best Holsters For Pistols WIth Red Dot Sights (Optics)

Do you have a pistol with a red dot sight/optic?

Then you must have an optic-ready holster.

Don’t settle for any generic holster; instead, treat yourself to the highest-quality holster on the market.

So, if you’re looking for a new red dot holster for your Springfield Hellcat OSP, Glock 17, full-size 1911, read on.

Not convinced leather is for you? Check out the benefits of using a leather holster.

Here are some of the best holsters for pistols with red dot sights:

Optic-Ready Open Top Multi-fit Belt Holster BH2.1

The BH2.1 is ideal for concealed carry and personal defense because it is designed to accommodate slim 4′′ firearms.

This holster, which fits a wide section of the Glock line, has become a mainstay at Glock enthusiast clubs and ranges. See full details and pricing here.

Optic-Ready 1911 Commander BH1S

This Optic Ready 1911 Commander BH1S is perfect for carrying a Commander size 1911 with or without an optic.

It is a premium 1911 belt holster that fits like a glove and has great retention for barrel lengths ranging from 3.5 to 4.25 inches.

It is best suited for 1911s without rails. See pricing and details here.

Optic-Ready Open Top Multi-fit Belt Holster BH2.4S

The BH2.4S is intended to hold smaller concealed carry pistols.

It can also hold larger barrels, which sometimes are visible due to its open-bottom design.

The BH2.4S is a fantastic open-carry holster that may also be disguised by wearing a longer shirt or jacket.

It is designed to be carried in the traditional “FBI cant” on the dominant side. You can check the price. See full pricing and details here.

Optic-Ready Open Top Multi-fit Holster BH2.3

This optic-ready open-top multi-fit belt holster, also known as the BH2.3, provides outstanding retention for a wide range of guns. See pricing and details here.

Optic-Ready Open Top Belt Holster Compact

The BHC, or open top belt holster compact, is handcrafted from our superior 100% authentic Premium Certified American, Heavy Native Steerhide leather and is thoughtfully designed to support the Glock 43. See can check the price here.

Whatever leather holsters capture your eye, they all have the same high-quality features such as:

●  Hand-finished interiors to protect your pistol.

●  Reinforced stitching with a lifetime warranty.

●  Handcrafting quality that makes a premium holster

●  Multi-fit design that respects your specific concealment, carry, and drawing preferences.

We feel that a secure holster is an essential aspect of exercising one’s legal and Second Amendment rights.

With 1791 Gunleather’s gorgeous leather optic-ready holsters, your red dot sight pistol is secured.

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