IWB Holsters

The right to conceal and carry takes many different forms – one of which is the Inside the Waistband or IWB holster. Some folks prefer ankle holsters that they can tuck into their boots, while others may like the feel of a shoulder holster when shooting for sport at the range. Inside the waisband holsters are by far the most common type of setup because they keep the personal firearm easily accessible at a moment’s notice, which is ideal for protection purposes. Even if you only use your pistol for sport, having your weapon by your side where it’s easiest to un-holster and re-holster is an obvious asset. 1791 Gunleather specializes in high-quality, hand-crafted leather IWB holsters that you’ll want to pass down for generations.

Why Carry Inside the Waistband?

The most popular way to conceal and carry is to wear an IWB holster with the firearm at the three or four o’clock position. Inside the Waistband holsters conceal firearms most completely. Click here for more information about our Inside the waistband holsters

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