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Snagmag is a patented (#US9170064B2) innovative new magazine holster that discreetly and comfortably allows you to carry an extra magazine with your concealed carry weapon.

Features Include:

  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • A Discreet Way to Carry an Extra Magazine
  • Doubles your Ammo
  • Disguised as a Pocketknife
  • Designed for a Fast Draw
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Figure 1
The SNAGMAG™ is a custom fit accessory.* The floor plate should sit below the top edge of the SNAGMAG™, Figure 1. This may require you to gently move the top of the SNAGMAG™ outward to fully seat the magazine.*The SNAGMAG™ can also be worn inside the waistband as well as in your back pocket. If you wish to carry in your back pocket, make sure to purchase the opposite shooting hand version so that it faces the correct way.

Figure 2

The SNAGMAG™ is designed to be worn in your front, supportside pocket. If you shoot with your right hand, the SNAGMAG™ goes in your left front pocket. It should be placed vertically against the outside seam with the bullets facing forward.

Figure 3

When drawing, your index finger should go into the pocket along the front of the magazine. Your thumb should also be placed onto the magazine.

Figure 4

Firmly apply rearward pressure with your index finger as the magazine is drawn upward allowing the SNAGMAG™ to “snag” the back corner of the pocket, keeping the holster in place while the magazine is pulled free.

Perfect Fit And Function

Great product! I have used Snagmag daily for awhile now and I love everything about it. The magazine fits perfectly and the draw is smooth. It does take some practice to get the muscle memory down, but it is well worth it. I own the double stack 9/40 and 1911 models. Both are great!

– James



This is my second Snag Mag for another CC fire arm and I am very happy with the quality and comfort of both mag carriers. I would reccomend them to anyone wanting to carry additional magazines on their person.

–Mike Flood



This is my second Snagmag. Love it. Easy carry and easy draw.

– Bill S



Very instinctual product. Takes no training.

– Jim Dempsey



Works as advertised and is outstanding. I use these for my Sig, S&W, and Ruger mags.

[email protected]


Magazine Holster

Excellent product that works as advertised.

–Richard Paddack



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Jeff M.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? SR1911 45

Super comfortable

All my friends know I carry multiple knives or a multi tool so nobody has questioned how thick it is. For that matter nobody other than who I've showed it to knows I even have it. The first day I had it and carried it I forgot I even had it on me when I got to work. It's part of my daily gear as I get dressed in the morning no matter what I've got going on for the day.

  • Firearm SIG PRO 2340, BUL Cherokee, IWI Jericho, Magnum Research Baby Eagle, CZ-75

best modern magazine carrier on the market

I have bought five of these magazine holsters, they are the best modern edc spare magazine carrier on the market. it looks just like the edc knife I carry in my strong side pocket, no one knows it's a magazine unless I show them. works with dress pants, jeans, chinos, any pants I wear. best feature is that it doesn't impact my waistline, does not increase belt size at all. i will buy more in the future. very happy customer!

Steve L.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? Sig 365


Love this mag holder it’s lightweight and easy to use. Stays in place does not move.

Kenneth C.
  • Which firearm did you use with our holster? Kimber 45 Ultra Carry II

Absolutely awesome!

I really like the function of the Snagmag. My only mistake was not buying more than one. I will be correcting that mistake when pay day comes. It works as designed. Gives us 45 carriers more ammo carry options. If you are on the fence trust a 20 year C.C.W. permit holder that this a great product. But then again so is all 1791 products! Made in the USA in Florida. Need I say more?

Dannie G.

Snagmag Pocket Magazine Holder

Always enjoy talking to the 1791 crew. They help a lot when unsure about a new product. Snagmags are on point. No more lint in your spare mag or digging past your car keys for backup rounds.