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Ruger LC9S Holsters

The Ruger LC9S is one of the most popular options for everyday carry, and for good reasons. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to conceal, and can often be found for under $300. 

For a budget firearm, the Ruger trigger is remarkably smooth out of the box. It’s also incredibly reliable: I’ve put thousands of rounds through it, and I’ve never had a problem with the feed or a failure to eject.

A manual safety and trigger safety help prevent accidental discharges, and the firearm is compatible with a wealth of accessories like red-dot sights or extended magazines.

The main drawback is its relatively small capacity: 7+1 rounds of 9 mm ammunition. But for the budget-conscious firearms shopper, this pistol or its sister gun, the same-sized Ruger EC9s, are an excellent choice.

As a popular concealed-carry gun, the Ruger LC9s has a variety of holster options, both inside-the-waistband and outside. Here are five of the best holsters for the Ruger LC9s.

Top Ruger LC9s Holster #1: Fair Chase Deer Hide IWB

This is a just plain handsome holster, even if nobody will see it but you. Crafted from the skin of ethically-harvested wild American Whitetailed Deer, the Fair Chase holster is soft, lightweight, and slim, making it a breeze to carry the entire day. An ultra-strong steel clip holds the holster securely to most standard-sized gun belts. The Fair Chase holster will not move around on you, even if you’re active.

An added bonus is that the holster is also versatile: The same holster can also accept your Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard, Walthier PPK, Keltec 380, and a few other popular models. Choose the Size 1 for the best fit.

Buy the Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster for the Ruger LC9s

Top Ruger LC9s Holster #2: Two Way Multi-FIT IWB Concealment

The Two Way holster is made for concealing your firearm inside the waistband but gives you multiple options for doing so. This holster works comfortably for appendix carry, but can also slide all the way to a 3 o’clock, or 4 o’clock position or even the small of your back if you prefer to carry it that way. Its sleek design keeps the holster lightweight while still feeling sturdy. Choose the Size 2 for a snug fit.

Buy the Two Way Multi-Fit IWB Concealment Holster for the Ruger LC9s

Top Ruger LC9s Holster #3: Ultra Custom Concealment Holster

This holster takes a little effort to set up, but the results are well worth it. With the Ultra Custom holster, you’ll use heat to make the leather more pliable and shape it to fit your gun exactly. You’ll find all the tools you need in the box, plus clips to attach to your belt once you’re done. The result is a unique holster tailor-made to your specific firearm. This helped make the Ultra Custom holster Guns & Ammo magazine’s Holster of the Year in 2020. Size 1 will fit your gun the best.

Buy the Ultra Custom Concealment Holster for the Ruger LC9s

Top Ruger LC9s Holster #4: Four Way Multi-Fit IWB & OWB

If you can only buy one holster for your Ruger LC9s, this might be the best one for you. The Four Way holster gives you maximum flexibility in how you carry, allowing you to carry outside the waistband vertically on your hip, horizontally in the small of your back, cross-draw, or inside-the-waistband using a study steel clip. 

Made with heavy-duty steerhide, the Four Way holster is reinforced and double-stitched — making it feel very substantial without being overly heavy or bulky. Once you break it in with your Ruger LC9s, your firearm will fit snugly in any position.

The Size 2 will fit your firearm securely once you break it in.

Buy the Four Way Multi-Fit Holster for the Ruger LC9s

Top Ruger LC9s Holster #5: Three-Way Multi-Fit OWB Holster

If you’re a proud open-carrier or conceal under a jacket, this holster could be a great choice for you. The Three Way holster gives you the ability to wear your firearm vertically, horizontally or cross-draw — and the same holster works no matter if you’re left- or right-handed. Before you buy, understand that there’s no inside-the-waistband clip. However, you do get a study, lightweight, extremely versatile holster. Choose the Size 2 for the right fit.

Buy the Three Way Multi-Fit OWB Holster for the LC9s

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