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Finding the Right Gun Holster Belt

A leather gun holster belt allows you to hold your firearm in the most natural self-defense position – at the waist, rather than around the ankle, back, or chest. A gun holster belt is a practical purchase that warrants careful selection. You want to choose the best quality belt that fits within your budget and one that pairs well with your favorite gun holster.

Choosing a good gun holster belt

A gun holster belt is different than the standard leather belts you see in department stores for a variety of reasons.

  • Type of leather – Full-grain leather found in premium gun holster belts are derived from the topmost layer of the best hides available. The leather is not sanded or treated beyond tanning and dyeing, which yields a particularly strong leather. You might also come across Top-grain leather, which consists of roughly 50% epidermal and 50% dermal layers that are sanded for a smoother texture and more uniform look. Durability and price are comparable to full-grain products. Genuine leather is made entirely from dermis hide after full grain product has been split away. Genuine leather is painted or finished to look like top-of-the-line products but is a much softer product. Suede leather looks sharp but degrades quickly when bearing a load. A gun belt will typically be made from full-grain or top-grain leather for maximum durability. When choosing a gun belt, you’ll want to look at the rigidity of the leather more so than the thickness.
  • Tanning process – Most leather gun belts are subject to one or two vegetable tanning treatments. Natural tannins derived from oak, fir, or hemlock tree bark yields a tougher product well-suited for working applications like holding up hefty firearms on a belt or use as a horse bridle. Fashion belts are sometimes tanned in a chromium solution for faster drying times and quicker production better suited to gloves, furniture, handbags, or lighter duty applications.
  • Inserts – Many leather gun belts come with a steel insert for added durability. This might matter if your pistol or revolver is a particularly heavy one. For most weapons, a sturdy piece of leather with reinforced stitching will do the trick.

Types of leather gun holster belt

Leather gun holster belts come in a variety of styles including:

  • Western – Western-style leather gun holster belts are greatly adorned with fancy stitching, oversized embellished buckles, and classic dyes that are purely aesthetic.
  • Executive – Executive style belts look appropriate enough to wear to work in an office setting, but can also hold the weight of a gun without deforming or bowing.
  • Reversible – Like fashion belts, some leather gun belts come with reversible black or brown dyed sides to match whatever shoes, purse, or other accessories you’re wearing.
  • Exotic – Most leather gun belts are made from bull hide. However, you’ll also find materials derived from more exotic animal skins like ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, alligator, snake, buffalo, or deer.
  • Reinforced – Reinforced leather gun holster belts are made from leather, but backed by a layer of tactical nylon, kydex, or spring steel to add strength and durability. It will also not have the comfortable “feel” of a leather gun belt, but it all depends on what you value.
  • Double-stitched – Double stitching increases the stiffness of the leather, without minimizing comfort.

Try an exclusive gun belt from 1791 Gunleather

At 1791 Gunleather, highly skilled and experienced leather artisans handcraft every gun holster belt we make to perfection, using time-honored traditions and expert craftsmanship that promote longevity even with extended wear.  Belts are made with 100% Certified American Heavy Native Steerhide leather, steel buckles, and genuine Chicago screws. Add in our Lifetime Warranty, and there is truly not a better deal available on the market. Choose from Stealth Black or Classic Brown. Or just get one of each. Sizes available from 32 to 52.

Shop 1791 Gunleather for all your handcrafted holster needs and bear your arms in safety and style.


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