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Top 3 Holsters for the Smith and Wesson CSX

Smith and Wesson has just released their newest concealed carry pistol the CSX 9mm. With an external thumb safety, the single-action CSX is quickly becoming one of the most popular carry guns of 2022.

Finding a holster for the CSX has not been easy because of how new the pistol is to the market. We’ve tested and tried these 5 holsters to give you the best review possible. Here are the results.

Best Smith & Wesson CSX Holster #1: Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster (Size 1)

Deer hide? Really?



And once you try it, you’ll absolutely sing praises about the 1791 Gun Leather Fair Chase holster made from deer hide for the CSX.

Here’s why this inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster rocks:

  • 1791 Fair Chase holsters are made using wild and ethically hunted fair chase Whitetail deer hide. That’s a mouthful to explain that these deer are hunted naturally in keeping with nature.
  • Together with meticulous handcrafting and superior design, the Fair Chase holster delivers our most comfortable and concealable holster for the Smith and Wesson CSX (but also will fit the Glock 42, 43, and many other subcompacts! Click here to see a full list)

Right now, the Fair Chase holster is only available for right-hand options, but is absolutely my favorite holster for the S&W CSX!

See complete details on the Fair Chase Deer Hide Holster for the Smith & Wesson CSX by clicking here.

Best Smith & Wesson CSX Holster #2: BHC Multi-Fit (Size C)

Pictured above is the 1791 BHC (which stands for “Belt Holster Compact”) out-of-waistband (OWB) leather holster.

And, this isn’t just any leather.

This leather is made from 100% American-grown cattle and is made from the highest quality leather available – also known as “full-grain leather.”

Full-grain is the longest-lasting, highest quality grade of leather available. Period.

Pictured above is my FAVORITE BHC color – Vintage!

If you haven’t tried a leather holster like the one pictured above, you’re missing out! But do remember that a high-quality leather holster requires a break-in period before carrying.

See the video below for full details.

Best Smith & Wesson CSX Holster #3: Ultra Custom (With Memory-Lok Technology) Size 1

All I can say about the is WOW.

I’ve never had such an experience.

If you’re like me, you love everything about the firearm hobby and lifestyle. You like shooting. You like tinkering.

And we LOVE building!

I still remember how much fun it was to build my own AR15.

The 1791 Ultra Custom holster gives us that same experience.

We actually get to take part in the molding and shaping of our own holster.

Don’t like the retention strength? Re-mold your holster.

Want to use the holster on a different gun? Re-mold your holster.

The Ultra Custom Memory-Lok Technology allows us to be creators – not consumers – of our own carrying experience.

Check out this 22-second YouTube video which shows you want I’m talking about:

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