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Best Holsters For Glock 43x

We understand how tiring it can be, surfing the internet or going from store to store for hours and not getting what you need. That feeling can be heartbreaking, especially when searching for a holster for a perfect playboy pistol like the Glock 43x. It’s akin to looking for a perfect gift for a special friend. That’s how firearms are dear to their owners. We know how it feels because we have been there too. However, your search ends here! Because we believe everyone deserves to have their needs met, we will unveil the best holsters to purchase in 2023 for your Glock 43x. 

The Glock family designed the Glock 43X for comfort. They noticed shooters sought a handgun that was easy to maintain, great for concealed carry and had fewer parts. That thought was what led to the design of the Glock 43x. 

Although a variety of holsters would work for the Glock 43x due to its popularity, it doesn’t imply putting the Glock 43x into any holster. Instead, you must ensure that your chosen holster is well-made and designed to fit your gun’s dimensions effortlessly. Read along as we unveil some of the best options available in the market today: 

  1. RCH – Rigid Concealment Holster size 3 
  2. Ultra Custom Light Bearing Compact 
  3. Tactical Paddle OWB G43X MOS. 

Let us discuss each of these holsters in detail so you know which could be your preferred option when getting one. 

Come along….

RCH – Rigid Concealment Holster (size 3)

The rigid concealment holster, popularly called RCH, takes its name from its nature of being able to hold its shape when displaced. This feature allows for inside-the-waistband re-holstering. In addition, RCH is made of pure suede cow-hide leather to act as a durable, comfortable, and lightweight holster that you can carry all day long. This feature makes it great for concealed carry and offers seamless convenience when shoving on or off. The design is double-stitched and reinforced for quality purposes to meet your needs. 

One of the challenges new holster buyers face is the break-in period. However, the RCH design helps it mitigate the risk of any break-in. Your Glock 43x fits in perfectly immediately with no break-in period necessary. In addition, the RCH is pocket friendly.

Check the pricing detail of RCH – Rigid Concealment Holster size 3 here.

Ultra Custom Light Bearing Compact

The ultra custom light-bearing compact holster is a great concealed carry holster that allows you to pair your Glock 43x with any accessories. In addition, you can decide to have your desired lighting/laser options used in designing your custom holsters. For instance, if you have a rare alternative lighting that best suits your interest or a rare laser.

Furthermore, the holsters have a solid lockup when you put in your handgun. No matter the obstacle in your way, your handgun is safe. Notwithstanding, this feature doesn’t affect it when you decide to shove it out. The holsters similarly allow fast draws such as having Texas cowboys shooting competition. That’s how easy and fast you can pull your Glock 43x from the ultra custom light-bearing compact holster. 

One major advantage the ultra custom light bearing compact has over other competitors is its exterior, for which most of its designs are made from rugged Kydex materials, which makes it impenetrable to moisture.

Check the pricing detail of Ultra Custom Light Bearing Compact here.

Tactical Paddle Holsters OWB G43X MOS

The tactical paddle OWB MOS holster is designed to be top-notch for comfort and as a dependable solution for everyday concealed carry. It is carefully crafted to fit in the Glock 43x, with its lightweight and slim design that is customized to fit in multi-positions. The design is perfected to fit into threaded barrels, raised iron sights, and lights. In addition, through its intelligent design, they also offer adjustable cant and provide excellent retention. 

Additionally, it accommodates other handguns apart from the Glock 43x. Pistols such as Glock 43 and Glock 43 MOS can also perfectly fit in the tactical paddle holsters OWB. As a bonus, it features a nice, snug, true fit, unlike many Kydex holsters, which will not affect your gun’s finish. And also for total comfort, it comes with a secure fit & grip, and an open design that aids quick pull-ups for any preferred wearing style of your choice.

Check the pricing detail of Tactical Paddle OWB G43X MOS.


We strongly believe that quality holsters are important aspects for firearm owners and would keep your Glock 43x in perfect condition, especially in exercising the rights of the law. Although there are a lot of brands in the market, choosing the right holster would go a long way in profiting you and protecting your dear pistol. That’s why we have come up with the 3 holsters from the numerous options that can offer you the best, ensuring quality is maintained. 

So check out any of these options above. You can rest be assured you’re in trusted hands and you get the worth of your money.

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