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Leather Holster Guide For Bersa Thunder .380

Often, individuals search for holsters made of good quality and also highly durable. Yes! What is the essence of buying a holster made with low-quality materials when you can get a high-quality leather holster at an affordable price?

In this article, you will receive a guide on the top 3 types of Bersa Thunder 380 holsters and their reviews. Let’s take a look below, starting from the first one.

RCH – Rigid Concealment Holster Size 3

After purchasing your firearm, choosing the holster to use is another fundamental thing. You can agree that there are so many options in the market to choose from, which can be confusing sometimes.

Even though some of these holsters are of different styles and making, they don’t do the job of concealing the gun well. But with this Rigid Concealment Holster Size 3, the reverse is the case because it’s a perfect gun concealer.

The inside waistband holster is not just great for sealing your gun but also flexible and balanced. You can easily pass them between your pants with the gun comfortably close to the body.

The RCH size 3 is a very strong inside-the-waistband (IWB) specification that can serve you for years. It is flexible enough and supports re-holstering with a single hand. 

The well-finished eco-leather inside ensures it is soft and tight. The finished leather top and a soft belly leather bottom are used to make the exterior, and this is to prevent wear and tear as well as improve breathability.

The sturdy nature of these leather holsters is ensured because they are made from high-quality steer hide leather known to be sturdy and durable. Unlike thermoplastic holsters that can be distorted on a sunny day, leather holsters maintain their shape and remain solid even as they age.

Best Features Of The RCH – Rigid Concealment Holster Size 3

  • Strong Concealment
  • Handmade interior to prevent wear and tear
  • Comfortability and breathability
  • Single hand reholstering
  • Made with many designs to fit individual choice
  • The exterior is well crafted to show the level of leather crafting expertise
  • Secure pleating to help hold the gun
  • Ensures snug retention

Check the pricing detail of the Rigid Concealment Holster size 3.

Premium Ballistic Nylon Holster Size 3

Another military holster with great features is the Premium Ballistic Nylon Holster Size 3. The holster is made with quality ballistic nylon coupled with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. The nylon holster has been a top pick since its launch.

If you love and appreciate a holster that houses and protects your gun, the protection this nylon holster provides can be likened to protecting a prized possession. This holster is designed for both men and women. It has a resistant hardware button plus the TPU elastic cord that can easily adjust to fit your sidearm.

This nylon holster comes in handy and is convenient to carry around, so much so that you won’t feel the weight you are carrying. They are made optics ready from the factory with a clear sight channel.

They have two elastic bands suitable for you, whether left-handed or right-handed. So if you need any adjustments, they can be easily adjusted with the two elastic bands.

The Premium ballistic nylon holster has a strong and long-lasting interior made with a soft ballistic material to achieve breathability and adequately protect your gun. The buckle hammer keeps it tight and protects it from bouncing out.

What more can you not expect from this product? It was made durable, dependable, easy, and adjustable to fit several firearms while providing the perfect concealment while at it.

Best Features Of The Premium Ballistic Nylon Holster Size 3

  • Handmade with premium ballistic nylon to ensure maximum protection
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Made to be compatible with different types of firearm
  • Adjustable elastic cord(from 3.5 – 4.75 diameter)
  • It comes with a strong steel clip

Check the pricing detail of the Premium Ballistic Nylon Holster Size 3.

SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 3

The Smooth Concealment Holster size 3 can be said to be a fit for different sidearm models. The make is quite different from the usual one-model-specific holsters in the market these days.

The invention of this type of holster has added a variety to what is obtainable in the market and is a good choice for people with a collection of revolvers. This 1791 concealment holster has set itself apart by bringing customers a kind of holster that supports different-sized pistols.

This means the holsters were not manufactured with a particular firearm in mind but are available in five different sizes to fit whatever gun model you use. The leather clams up well to the firearm and provides smooth concealment, and keeps the gun in place comfortably.

Also, to ensure the holster is well secured in your belt, the belt is built wide enough to accommodate the pistol size. This inside-the-waistband Smooth Concealment Holster is safe and helps with a quick draw.

Even though the concealment holster does not have a retention device or straps, the safe fit of the leather material keeps it in place. The cutting and the stitching are made well, and even though the leather is sturdy and strong, it is still smooth to the touch.

Best Features The SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 3

  • The exterior is made with a breathable leather 
  • Made with a soft suede interior
  • It lasts for a lifetime
  • Enhanced stitching to ensure safety and durability 
  • Rides close to the body
  • Right-hand draw
  • Premium ballistic nylon material
  • Multi-sized to fit various sizes
  • Great open-top design
  • Steel clip for strong retention

Check the pricing detail of SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 3.


That said, you can see that these Bersa Thunder .380 leather holsters for your firearm are a great deal. They are made from strong and durable leather that will last a long time.

The holsters are strong and also soft to feel with a snug retention interior and an exterior that ensures breathability. They’re super easy to use and comfortable to carry.

Also, they are handcrafted from beginning to end, and the stitching is reinforced to ensure security. So what are you waiting for to get your holster? You can make a pick from any of the ones mentioned above.

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