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Paddle Holsters For Your Kimber Micro 9 – Uses And Importance

Just look at what happened. It’s the final day of the UFC season. Fight fans are packed in the octagon to witness a fight between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren. The stage is set. Fans of both fighters are cheering and roaring. The contest begins, and within seconds lightning strikes, Ben Askren is down. From out of nowhere, It is a knockout kick from Masvidal in just five seconds. The fastest knockout in octagon history. Everyone is startled.

The knockout was akin to carrying a Kimber micro 9 against any other self-protection pistol. Booom, your target is down. But wait, there’s more. More importantly, the Kimber Micro 9 is a concealed weapon due to its micro nature, so shooters with small hands can handle it effectively. Still, the trick is that the right gun needs the right holster, and so does a perfect gun like the Kimber Micro 9 – This is where paddle holsters come in. Many experts will tell you to check out the paddle holsters to find the best for your concealed carry gun. Today, I am showing you the best holsters for Kimber micro 9 pistols.

So here’s how we solve this puzzle. This article will enlighten you on the importance and uses of paddle holsters and the popular types you can get for your Kimber micro 9.

Let’s start by discussing the uses and importance of a paddle holster.

Uses And Importance Of Paddle Holsters

A paddle holster is a unique holster meant for a handgun, designed with a piece of stiffened leather or plastic to secure the holster to the wearer by wearing it against the body (Hip) inside the pants. Even better, the materials for designing the paddle and its total area utilize friction to prevent the holster from being displaced or pulled away when removing the handgun.  

The seamless nature of removing the fire gun and the entire holster is its most important use case. Firearm users such as policemen and detectives quite frankly employ the paddle holster since they have to move between offices, fieldwork, and vehicles; so they can conveniently remove and replace the handgun & holster when needed. This attribute gives it a superior advantage to the typical handgun holster that requires wearers to attach it via a belt. In this case, flexibility is missing since the user has to remove his belt to remove the holster. 

Therefore to mitigate this risk, having a paddle holster is significant because it prevents unintentional casual contact that can lead to an accident. And most importantly, you can save a good number of seconds retrieving your gun instead of spending time digging it out of where it’s gotten. So let’s see the different examples of paddle holsters.

Optic Ready- Paddle Holster C

The optic-ready paddle holster compact best suits small firearms with a barrel size range of 2.5 – 3.0 inches. In addition, it usually includes an added optic cut best suited for most pistol optics. This inclusion allows for better viewing, plus paddles ensure it’s portable, adjustable, and shoving on and off the gun as quickly as possible while maintaining proper retention. 

At first, after your purchase, you may have to put in some effort to put the pistol in. But that shouldn’t worry you for a new holster. Fortunately, the paddle holster C model has a retention screw, so break-in is minimal. 

Additionally, the optic-ready holster comes with an undercut trigger guard to readily draw out the guns and open slots to take in threaded barrels.

Check the pricing detail of Optic Ready- Paddle Holster C here.

Ultra Custom Belt Holster Compact

The ultra custom belt holster utilizes a technology that allows for custom fitting either with Kydex or plastic. This process will enable you to customize your holster to fit in the Kimber micro 9 in different fittings using a simple step process. In addition, the design of the ultra-custom belt holster couples with a high sweat guard that offers a protective layer between you and your pistol.  

Once you receive the package, you follow through on the guide and instructions. Then mold your leather for your custom fit for the Kimber Micro 9.

Check the pricing detail of Ultra Custom Belt Holster Compact here.

SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 0

Smooth concealment holsters, popularly referred to as SCH, are among the market’s most comfortable holsters; thanks to their soft design. It is made of pure leather. It is also perfect for concealed carry due to its luxurious soft leather that offers maximum comfort to your skin and ultimate concealment for your pistol. 

Kimber enthusiasts enjoy the strictly concealable feature of the SCH holster since it can also accommodate many other different kinds of firearms. Regardless of your body type, you can do an all-day IWB with the utmost concealability and comfort without affecting any of your activities, whether you run, sit, or if you are a detective that changes positions or locations a lot.

Check the pricing detail of SCH – Smooth Concealment Holster Size 0 here.


Firearm users are getting more obsessed with owning a Kimber micro 9 due to its wonderful features. However, it doesn’t stop there. Following it with a unique holster, just like the paddle holsters mentioned in the article, will make life more enjoyable with your concealable carry. No one wants to hold a gun all day long, nor do firearm wearers wish to battle with their waistline before pulling out their weapon, especially in a deadly situation. So why not try one of these options today? 

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