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Best Holsters For Ruger SP 101

If you’ve ever been in a life-and-death situation, you would understand the importance of a snug-fit holster. You know that any small mistake or failure to access your weapon can be deadly at that moment. There’s no space for a break–ins or delays. As you need your firearm to be effective and efficient, so should the firearm’s holster be accessible, especially during defensive situations.

Fortunately, the Ruger SP 101 is a popular revolver on the market, especially since its introduction led to the replacement of a long-standing staple on the American market – the Ruger six series revolver. Meanwhile, there are wide varieties of holsters available on the market. On the one hand, it’s a positive thing. However, on the flip side, the wide selection can make it challenging to decide which is most suitable for carrying your weapon. So, instead of being burdened with the stress of searching the market for the most effective holster choice, I have broken it down for you in this article. I will walk you through the 3 finest holsters to purchase for your Ruger SP 101. 

Hold on. I know what you are thinking. You might be wondering how we came up with our deductions. Okay, so firstly, let’s deal with that. Let’s discuss how to choose the right holster for the Ruger SP 101.

So keep reading. Let’s do this.

How To Choose The Perfect Ruger SP 101 Holster

Rewind the hands of time. Back then, holsters for firearms depended on a few factors. The most obvious is that the holster was meant to hold your weapon anytime you aren’t using it. However, in recent times, gun owners have demanded more features and benefits from their holsters. It’s more than just a matter of whether the holster is usable. A decent holster should cover the trigger guard completely, hold the firearm securely, and allow access to the firearm reliably. If it meets most of these criteria, it’s no longer a holster. It turns into a scrap. So in full detail, the features are:

  1. Protect your gun from scratches or impacts and keep it securely in place (retention).
  2. Proper concealment and preventing unwanted movement of the gun.
  3. Cover the trigger guard completely to prevent accidental discharge.
  4. Allows seamless shoving in or drawing out of the gun when a quick response is required. 
  5. Positive grip and can be worn in areas that are easily accessible.
  6. Offer a striking balance between security and accessibility and, most importantly, comfort.

Alright, we’re done. These are the major features we considered before choosing the 3 most suitable holsters for the Ruger SP 101. So let’s dive into action and talk about them. Here they are:

  • Ultra Custom Concealment Holster Size 2.
  • Fair Chase Holster Size 2.
  • SCH- Smooth Concealment Holster Size 2.

Let us talk about some of their unique features and what makes them outstanding over others.

Ultra Custom Concealment Holster Size 2 (UCH size 2)

The UCH size 2 is flawless when used for the Ruger SP 101, as it fits in reliably. The holster is designed as ambidextrous and can be used for holstering other guns, such as the Ruger LCR and Taurus 85.

Fans of modern-day holsters prefer this updated option to others. This is because the technology behind their products allows them to combine the features of the two most popular holster materials to offer impeccable results. Custom-made holster size 2 provides all of the comforts of an all-in leather holster combined with the fantastic retention associated with Kydex material. In other words, you can turn the gun upside down, and it will stay stable in the holster. It won’t fall out. It also clicks flawlessly on the gun. 

The holsters allow you to be flexible with the design, customize it multiple times or recook it to give it that perfect draw and retention. This is especially true if it loosens up after use for a while. With the UCH size 2, you are assured of superior concealment due to its slim profile, making it suitable for IWB tuckable carry. 

Check the pricing detail of Ultra Custom Concealment Holster Size 2 (UCH size 2)

Fair Chase Holster Size 2

When it comes to the list of top holsters that offer comfort, this holster stands tall in the ranks. The Fair Chase size 2 holster is designed to ensure maximum comfort for its user. It derives its name from the material source used for its production, which comes from wild white-tailed deer hides. As a result, the holster offers a combination of high resistance and flexibility obtained from deer hides, making it one of the most advanced holsters for concealed carry. Apart from this, the holster is well-designed, super soft, and fits like a glove, so you hardly know it’s there, especially when it is used for an IWB. 

Here, unlike the UCH size 2, which has Kydex-like retention, a strong clip is attached to the holster; this provides the most secure form of retention.

Check the pricing detail of Fair Chase Holster Size 2

SCH— Smooth Concealment Holster size 2

First, the fact that the SCH obeys a major requirement governing modern holsters makes this holster stands out because it allows you to conceal your firearm completely. Moreover, it is made from cowhide, a soft leather combined with a suede material to offer maximum comfort for your skin. Furthermore, it protects your SP 101 by preventing moisture from contacting the metal frame.

What makes it famous among firearm enthusiasts is the unrivaled level of comfortability it offers during IWB carry. Regardless of your body type, the holsters will accommodate other types of guns apart from your Ruger SP 101 and still enable comfortability, making it unique compared to others. You can carry an IWB all day with maximum comfort and full concealment. 

Check the pricing detail of SCH— Smooth Concealment Holster size 2


The information provided in the article is intended to help you make an informed purchase decision. I learned the difficult way by spending my hard-earned money. So you want to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Because at the end of the day, you would have a pile of non-functional holsters filling your box. So when choosing a holster for your Ruger SP 101, please select one of these 3, considering its positives and negatives. 

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