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Budget-Friendly Holsters For The CZ P09 Pistol

For a pistol, a holster to carry is a must-have. However, choosing a holster for your firearm can be complicated because there are still several varieties to choose from even after narrowing it down to budget-friendly options. This is a more complex situation, especially when searching for a holster for a gun such as the CZ P-09.

Although the CZ P09 may not be the most popular gun on the market. Because of this, there is a common misconception that choosing a holster for it is a trivial issue. For me, that misconception is false because any wrong choice here would leave you at your peril. So, even if you are on a budget, you still have to be on the lookout for excellent holsters that match your budget needs.

As you already know the CZ P-09 is a massive gun with a 19+1 magazine capacity, so a holster that fits snugly to your body is needed to hold it securely. If you get the choice right, it can be a fantastic tool to carry, especially in the middle of the night, for self-defense. However, be prepared for hotspots (discomfort) if you make a mistake.

Therefore, I will show you the top recommended CZ P-09 holsters that are both budget-friendly and sweat-proof/water-resistant. Moreover, they are comfortable to use for 12-14 hours at a minimum. So you don’t have to worry about spending over your budget and still get a quality and sturdy holster. Let’s start with a list of our 3 top picks in case you are short of time:

  1. UIW Universal IWB And OWB Holster
  2. 4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6
  3. BHX— Thumb Break Holster Size 4

Let’s discuss them in detail and find out why they are currently the most suitable solution for your needs.

UIW Universal IWB And OWB Holster

You rarely see holsters that support both IWB and OWB carry positions. If you get one, they are made of quality materials and are comfortable but the most expensive. I assume that is a myth. Because the UIW universal holster is one of a limited number of holsters that check all the boxes right, and it is budget-friendly. In addition, the holster also works to carry multiple firearms apart from the CZ P09, some of which are G2s 9mm, Sig 365, and Glock 21, among others.  

Additionally, this holster allows carriage in the two most popular positions (IWB & OWB). For concealed carry, you can carry your pistol openly on your belt or inside your waistband. It doesn’t stop there. The holster also supports the carriage of multiple aftermarket accessories, such as extra lights or lasers and sights on the rails. The most beautiful part about the holster is that it is made from high-quality leather and provides excellent draw and retention. 

You can check the pricing detail of the UIW Universal IWB And OWB Holster here.

4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6 (4WH SIZE 6)

This particular holster is spectacular because it can be a reliable option for battle carry. You get to test out 4 different carry positions with your CZ P09. Then you can choose your preferred position for EDC or switch to whichever you find comfort at a given time. The positions are vertical canted carry, cross canted carry, horizontal cant for vehicle driving carry, plus inside the waistband carry (IWB). 

The holster is designed from premium, thick, durable leather with a texture that offers comfort, and style, and fits perfectly with your firearm. Folks, you can’t get a better deal than this for something as versatile as this holster.

You can check the pricing detail of the 4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6 here.

BHX— Thumb Break Holster Size 4

Want the most stylish holster? Then try out the BHX size 4 holster. Its beauty is unmatched. This holster comes with a retention strap that completely conceals your firearm. The strap keeps your gun safe at all times. 

The BHX holster is designed with 3 belt loops, allowing you to wear your CZ P09 in 2 positions. One of them is the FBI cant carry, popular among FBI agents as their preferred effective method of wearing a holster, placed at a 15-20 degree angle giving you quick access to draw out your weapon. On the other hand, the other carrying position is the back Cant. This carrying position is effective when sitting or driving, so you can pick up your gun quickly and hit your target. 

The leather used for the design of this holster is unique, high-quality steer hide leather that makes the holster sturdy and suitable for long-term use. 

One of the main reasons it is part of the top picks is that it requires little or no break-ins. This alone makes it impressive. If you are like me, I detest dragging my gun inside the holster to clear the path for break-ins because it sometimes affects my gun’s finish. 

You can check the pricing detail of the BHX— Thumb Break Holster Size 4 here.


The fundamental rule when searching for holsters is to go for one that serves your needs. However, if you are a beginner with very limited or no experience with your firearm and its accessories, what you think is right for you may not be what would suit you. If you own a CZ-P09, consider any of the options listed above. We conduct experiments and compare our choices with various alternatives on the market so we can recommend only the most suitable options available to you.  

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