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Best Holsters For Ruger SR40

There are guns, such as the Glock 45, and then there are badass full-sized pistols, such as the Ruger SR40. It features the typical requirements of a semi-automatic firearm, which includes reliability, accuracy, and power, as well as a 15-round magazine and a hardened stainless steel slide. 

For proper concealment of the SR40, you will need a snug-fitting holster to complement all its attributes. But how do you choose one? So hold on tight. Let me walk you through some of the finest holsters recommended by experts for anyone carrying a Ruger SR40, even if you are a newbie, seasonal, or a long-time shooter. You don’t want to miss the next part.

In case you are short of time, here is a list of the best holsters before we jump into the details: 

  • BH2.1— Open top multi-fit belt holster 2.1
  • BHP— Open top Multi-fit Belt Slide Holster.
  • Optic ready— Paddle Holster 2.1.

Before we move on, CCW carriers seek answers to an age-old question: What features should they watch out for when getting a holster for their guns?

So let’s deal with that first. 

What Features Should A Holster Have?

There are several notable features every holster should possess. Some are just relevant, while others are necessities. Experienced shooters, when choosing a holster for any gun, look out for three critical details. The holster must secure the weapon, offer solid retention, and allow quick access or fast draws to the firearm. But it doesn’t end there. In addition, another significant factor to look out for in holsters is the quality of the material used. That aside. 

Now let’s work on the part you want to hear. Why are these holsters listed in the top rated for the Ruger SR40? Let us see if they match all these key criteria.

BH2.1— Open Top Multi-fit Belt Holster 2.1

As one of the best holsters for Ruger SP40, the BH2.1 is tagged as a multi-fit holster since it works for a wide range of other firearms. For example, the Glock arsenal, Beretta, Kimber, Colt, and other guns in the Ruger lineup all fit into the BH2.1. Still, let’s be honest. You hardly get any holster more accommodating than this. And this is only the beginning.

Regarding quality, the BH2.1 is made from thick quality leather that keeps its holstering snug fit to your body when used for OWB carry. You can carry it all day long without giving up comfort. This design concept offers a balance between accessibility and security. And it even gets better. When it comes to style, you can select from over five color choices to find one best suited to your personal needs.  

Furthermore, if you need a holster that boasts superb craftsmanship and is long-lasting, this is for you. The design makes it precise, fitting perfectly in a 4″ cant. It is safe and built to be a beast for everyday use. Unlike most holsters, the BH2.1 is easy to break in, smooth for superb retention, and clean. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it causing any after-effects on your gun finishes.

You can check the pricing detail for the BH2.1— Open Top Multi-fit Belt Holster 2.1 here.

BL1P— Open Top Multi-fit Belt Slide Holster

Want a holster that allows you to change the carry angle effortlessly? If so, you should consider the BH1P. The design features, such as the belt slide, will enable you to adjust the holster on the belt to any position you find comfortable for your EDC. The holster comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from. And also it is available in both right-handed and left-handed designs to ensure you can carry it with any of your hands. 

Moreover, the BL1P is made of heavy native steerhide leather, which is soft, durable, and can withstand any natural menace. It promises to serve you for a lifetime. Plus, unlike other leather holsters, the BL1P fits tightly to your gun. This makes it an excellent choice for any shooting activity, whether self-defense or recreational. In addition to enabling a smooth draw, the BH1P wraps around your weapon and ensures it is appropriately secured. 

You can check the pricing detail for the BL1P— Open Top Multi-fit Belt Slide Holster here.

Optic Ready — Paddle Holster 2.1.

Nowadays, aftermarket accessories are becoming popular among modern-day shooters. Often referred to as the PDH2.1, the optic-ready paddle holster provides three main features that place it among the top 3 holsters for the Ruger SP40. First, it has an open space to accommodate most pistol optics, an innovation in modern holster design, which is a positive add-on. Hence, shooters don’t miss out on the experience.

Second, PDH 2.1 includes a sweat guard or a sweat shield. This feature saves you from skin irritation, especially for IWB carriers. So if you carry IWB, the sweat guard is a part of the holster that prevents contact between your skin and the rear portions of the gun, such as the hammer and an extra magazine, providing a comfortable EDC experience. 

A paddle is attached to the PDH2.1 to make it an even more functional holster. Paddles come in plastic or stiffened leather and enhance the security of the holster. Plus, it makes it easier to slide in and out of your gun in situations of life and death compared to belt holsters. While still maintaining excellent retention. As we know, style also matters, and this holster has got you covered. It is designed in various colors to match your gun or chosen attire. 

You can check the pricing detail for the Optic Ready — Paddle Holster 2.1. here.


The Ruger SP40 is a classic pistol requiring the highest quality holsters to complement its attributes. We advise shooters to do their due diligence before selecting a holster for their guns — incredibly demanding firearms like the SP40. No one wants to be stuck battling with a holster in the middle of the night against an assailant. This is why we ensure our research is in-depth, so gun enthusiasts like you get to pick only the right partners for your weapon. 

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