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Budget-Friendly Holsters For Canik Tristar T-100

Looking for budget-friendly holsters for your Canik Tristar T-100? Well, for folks on a budget, we’ve got you covered. We understand a lot is going on in your world that needs your attention and, more importantly, your money. Thus getting a holster for your firearm shouldn’t add to the list of endless unsatisfied desires.

But before we delve into the details of budget-friendly holsters you can purchase for your Tristar T100, we need to enlighten you on some pertinent facts. This information will guide you in figuring out the most efficient holsters for the Tristar T-100.

To start, you should know that the Trister T-100 is a unique clone variant gun of the CZ75, but its looks are similar to the Jericho 941. which are both concealed carry weapons. Unlike them, with smooth and flush designs, your Tristar T100 has a flagpole-like lever that sticks out on the right side where the slide-stop passes through the frame. As a result, your options for holsters are streamlined. CCW can be uncomfortable because a snag can catch on your cloth or holster during concealed carry. For this particular article, we had to consider that before recommending three (3) holsters that would be a proper fit for your firearm. So without further delay, pull up a chair, and let’s get started.

Holsters For Tristar T-100

Here’s a sneak peek at our favorite budget-friendly holsters for the Tristar T-100. Firstly we have the 2-Way Multi-Fit IWB Concealment Leather Holster Size 5, then the 3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Concealment Holster Size 5, and finally, the 4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6.

Now let us examine them one after another in detail and see why they are one of the most efficient and budget-friendly options available on the market. Read on.

2-Way Multi-Fit IWB Concealment Leather Holster Size 5

As the name suggests, this holster is a 2-way multi-fit which means it can be carried in two possible positions. For instance, if you are a right-handed shooter and wear it for IWB carry, you can slide it to the middle of your back at 4 or 5 O’ clocks for multi-positioned carry using the clip or place it on your dominant side as an appendix carry.

The price range is impressive since it is made of reinforced, durable leather material, which provides flexibility, convenience, and just the right amount of security for your gun. Plus, the holster is designed to provide an ideal balance of comfort and all-around protection for your firearm with excellent retention. Finally, the holster is available in various colors, with the vintage color being the most notable.

You can check the pricing detail of the 2-Way Multi-Fit IWB Concealment Leather Holster Size 5 here.

3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Concealment Holster Size 5

If renaming holsters were possible, this holster should be referred to as Mr. Impressive. This is due to its distinctive design that allows you to position your Tristar T-100 in three carry positions: vertical, horizontal, and canted cross-draw. No matter which place you choose, the holster will fit your gun comfortably and allow for versatile draws. Although for most firearm users, the cross-draw seems the preferred choice.

You might be surprised as this may be one thing you pass on to your generation. The holster’s quality is top-notch, as it is well-constructed with thick leather and fits snugly into your Tristar T-100 like a glove. Also, it has a beautiful finish and should last you a lifetime. That’s to tell you the quality material used in its construction.

You can check the pricing detail of the 3-Way Multi-Fit OWB Concealment Holster Size 5 here.

4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6 (4WH size 6)

You would be short of words like I am, but this holster has 4-way concealment. Do you know what that implies? Meaning the holster can adjust to any of your EDC requirements. Isn’t that fascinating? Especially if you are beginning gun carry or just purchased your Tristar T100, this holster would allow you to test out the different positions. You can then choose your preferred place for EDC. The positions are vertical canted carry, cross canted carry, horizontal cant for vehicle driving carry, plus inside the waistband carry (IWB). With this holster, you can switch between IWB and OWB positions.

In addition, just like the others listed, this holster design is a premium, thick, durable leather, which offers comfort, looks stylish, and fits perfectly with your firearm.

You can check the pricing detail of the 4-Way Concealment Belt Leather Holster Size 6 (4WH size 6) here.


If I had to choose, I would go for the 4WH. Nonetheless, when selecting holsters, in addition to the use case, you need to consider the design style, the material, and so on. So I leave the door of choice open to you. However, before making your choice, you should consider your use case and see which fits into your daily routine. Your job, the position you usually occupy (sitting, bending), and so on. What’s more important is you make the right choice, so you enjoy your EDC.

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