Outside the Waistband holsters, also referred to as OWB holsters, are the most popular carry option in America. These holsters are comfortable, trustworthy, versatile, and easily accessible. You may choose to openly carry your personal firearm on your belt, or you may still conceal beneath flannel shirts, hoodies, and jackets with Outside the Waistband rigs. Our line up of OWB holsters delivers on both incredible materials and unmatched carry-ability. From our BH line up to our innovative Multi-way and Revolver holster offerings, 1791 Gunleather provides you with unmatched quality and incredible versatility no matters your carry style.


At 1791 Gunleather, fourth-generation leather artisans handcraft premium 100% Certified American Heavy Native Steerhide to create reliable holsters that hold your prized possessions snug and secure, no matter which type of gun you own. We choose leather as our raw material of choice because it does not warp on a hot day. It doesn’t shatter across a weak plane with age. Instead, high-quality leather looks natural and ruggedly handsome from one generation to the next, breaking in and stretching just enough to comfortably conform to your body – all the while holding your pistol perfectly in place. All OWB holsters are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can take confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship.


We have the perfect OWB holster to suit your needs. Choose from the following types:


Open top holsters are common among law enforcement in need of easy access for a quick draw. We offer models that fit Glocks, Browning, Beretta, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Sig Sauers.


Paddle holsters that fit inside the waistband are popular because they allow for personalized grip angles and cants. However, low-profile belt slide holsters allow for better maneuverability on the belt, which is particularly helpful when getting in and out of vehicles.


Some citizens prefer OWB holsters with the added safety measure of a thumb break, which prevents assailants from removing the weapons.


Outside the Waistband holsters with multi-fit design are made to accommodate a wide range of different weapons, including Beretta, Browning, Colt, FN, FNX, Glock, H&K, Kimber, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield. We have models that fit hard-to-accommodate models like the 1911s – Commander size or without rails.


OWB holsters come in right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous designs that meet the standards for individual comfort.


Comfortable and breathable, our low-profile smooth concealment OWB holsters treat your pistol right with protective, smooth suede interiors that protect the bluing.


Concealment and convenience are at the heart of our designs. Carry preferences include Vertical, Horizontal, Cross-Draw, and Inside-the-Waistband positions. With the 2WH, you can position your firearm vertically in the middle of your back for perfect concealment or carry openly using the adjustable belt clip. A 3WH can accommodate Vertical, Horizontal, or Cross-Draw positions anywhere on the belt for easy use and added comfort for your shoulder. A 4WH adds the IWB carry position.


Having the right holster is not just about safety, but about confidently exercising Second Amendment rights and showing off personal style. Many customers choose leather OWB holsters due to the versatility of design. Most models come in your choice of Classic Brown, Signature Brown, Brown on Black, or Stealth Black.


Outside the waistband holsters connect to the belt using J-hooks, clips, and loops. Traditionally, OWB holsters are worn on the wearer’s dominant side, with a slightly forward cant at three o’clock. They may be more obvious to carry in public, but there are many advantages to this type of holster.

  • Accessibility: OWB holsters keep your weapon close where you need it, allow for easy, immediate access.
  • Re-holstering: When you’re out on the range, you need straightforward re-holstering. Law enforcement can also benefit from easy re-holstering upon finding themselves in a non-threatening situation. Unlike an IWB holster, OWB holsters do not have the pressure of the belt pulling them shut.
  • Ease of Use: OWB holsters are well-suited for beginners and most users. Many people who wear guns to protect their own properties needn’t worry about concealing their weapons anyway.
  • Open Carry: Some states have open carry laws that mandate users must make their weapons visible if they are carrying in public. There are also circumstances where possessing a credible deterrent is prudent.
  • Comfort: OWB holsters lets you openly carry with no clothing restrictions. You can wear your normal size clothing, a tucked-in shirt, and go out without a jacket if you please. OWB holsters fit snugly against the torso with fore and aft belt loops to keep the firearm in place with even weight distribution.
  • Design Choices: Outside the Waistband holsters offer a wider selection of styles and designs.


Our company is young, but 1791 Gunleather is quickly gobbling up market share with our competitive prices and superior quality. We don’t offer all the exotic snake skins or over-the-top embellishments, but you’ll find the color choices and hand-stitching are all you need for an attractive holster you’ll feel proud to own. Don’t just take our word for it. See what 1791 Gunleather OWB holster owners are saying about their recent purchases:

About the 3 Way Sig P226 & P229 OWB CCW Holster: “I received my 3 way 1791 holster for my sig p220 today. I’ve owned a few holsters and this is by far the best. Don’t let the price fool ya; 1791 is top notch quality leather for a great price, and with a lifetime warranty it was a win-win decision.”

About the 1791 Gunleather Glock 19 Right Hand OWB Holster: “If you’re considering Galco, Desantis, or Bianchi, do yourself a favor and try one of these. This is an exceptional holster from a great company, offered at an unbelievable price.”

About the 1791 Gunleather Universal Leather Gun Holster OWB/IWB: “Just what the doctor ordered. This holster is simple and works with all my weapons. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on holsters for my guns but none are as simple to use and comfortable as this one.”

About the 1791 Gunleather Glock 43, Ruger LC9, Ruger SR22 OWB: “This holster for my Glock 43 is superbly crafted. It reminds me of how things were made long ago — with pride in workmanship and materials. And they tossed in a key ring with a leather fob to boot, which I can also use. Nice touch — classy! The pistol fits perfectly. I’m a combat shooter, so I require a front cant, which this holster has. I’m totally happy with this purchase…. I’d buy from these folks again in a heartbeat.”


Don’t settle for a drawer full of OWB holsters you can’t use. Invest in one durable holster from 1791 Gunleather, designed by true artisans, to have the superb reinforced stitching and snug fit you deserve for your prized possession. Contact 1791 Gunleather to learn more about outside the waistband holsters that embody original style, craftsmanship, construction, and comfort, and originality. We are a small, friendly company that loves speaking with fellow gun enthusiasts. No question is too trivial to send our way. We’re happy to discuss specific makes and models to recommend a tailored fit. We support law enforcement and veteran charities like Anteris Alliance and Wounded Warrior. You can find our products at over 1,200 dealers nationwide or we also ship directly.